Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF)

Advanced Dental Bone and Tissue Regeneration

Test tube containing PRGF
Clinical use of PRGF material to enhance and accelerate healing
PRGF therapy technique

Our practice is the first periodontal and dental implant surgery practice in Jacksonville FL to offer the latest technology in bone and tissue regeneration: Plasma Rich in Growth Factors or PRGF Endoret.

What Does The PRGF Endoret Technique Involve?

When we suffer any injury, the human body releases proteins (cellular signals) to stimulate the process of repairing that injury.

The PRGF Endoret technique isolates from the blood plasma these proteins, which are responsible for wound healing and tissue regeneration. Once a therapeutic dose is applied to the treatment area, the repair process is enhanced and accelerated.

To carry out this process, it is necessary to draw a small amount of blood from the patient, from which the Plasma Rich in Growth Factors is obtained through a centrifuge spinning process. The plasma is then placed where healing or regeneration of tissue and bone is needed.

How Can PRGF Endoret Contribute To Your Treatment?

Recovery and the healing process speed up so the risk of infection or any other post-surgical complications is lessened. Using PRGF Endoret will guarantee a noticeable improvement, absence of pain and quicker healing.

All in all, PRGF Endoret optimizes recovery for our patients following periodontal or implant surgery.

Currently, this technique is being used with remarkable results in different fields of medicine such as oral and maxillofacial surgery, traumatology, burns, dermatology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, and general surgery.

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Patient Reviews: Dental and Bone Tissue Regeneration

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Richard E. Aguila, DDS

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Patient Review by Ilene P

Dr. Aguiia is a fair and honest man. He stands behind his work and is a terrific dentist. His staff are friendly and easygoing. They make you feel relaxed and less anxious over your procedure. Dr. Aguila takes the time to discuss things with you to help you understand your procedure better and has a very gentle manner about him that is calming. I would recommend him highly!

- Ilene P

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